Facts about Preparation H as an Eye Cream

Preparation H is usually used to treat hemorrhoids and because of its ability to reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids, it was then considered as a beauty aid to some. Some women use Preparation H to lessen the under-eye puffiness according to Smartskincare.com beauty site. It was also called a beauty secret for the reason that it can reduce wrinkles and at the same time, it can help beautify the eye area. However, the use of Preparation H as an eye cream is controversial as there is no scientific study yet to prove that it can really work as what they claim.Preparation H as an Eye Cream

Preparation H with Bio-Dyne

Before, Preparation H contained live yeast cell derivatives (LYCD) known also as Bio-Dyne. LYCD with Shark liver oil were the active ingredients in Preparation H as they are known to constrict blood vessels and this process can contribute to the healing of hemorrhoids. They presume that this can also help with puffy or baggy eyes. Bio-Dyne claimed to lessen the appearance of wrinkles by shrinking skin. The active ingredient in Preparation H is now changed to a vasoconstrictor called phenylephrine.

About Phenylephrine

Phenylephrine, besides being the active ingredient in Preparation H, also serves as a decongestant as it shrinks blood vessels in the nasal passages. At the same time it also serves as an anesthetic. Phenylephrine is commonly found in some medications like Sudafed and Triaminic products to treat cold and flu. The risk of Phenylephrine use is the possibility of allergy and it can trigger allergic reaction when applied to the face.

Advantages of Preparation H

Preparation H can be a quick fix for eye puffiness. Consumers should apply a small amount on the areas of puffiness but be sure to avoid placing some unto the eyes. After the treatment, you will have a rested and fresh looking area around the eyes.

Disadvantages of Preparation H

As a cream to treat hemorrhoid, the chemicals present can irritate the delicate tissues underneath the eyes. Preparation H works well with hemorrhoids by making the blood vessels constrict and at the same time squeeze the blood out from the hemorrhoid so that it causes it to shrink. Preparation H is not intentionally for the eyes so avoid getting even a small amount of it as this can cause both irritation and infection. It is not advisable to use on the eyes often because this can cause the blood vessels to dilate unlike the constriction that phenylephrine causes. This condition can result to headaches. One thing more, it is not a good idea to use strong chemicals around the eyes.


For a safer and longer alternative which can be use instead of Preparation H, you can try increasing the amount of water you drink every day. In addition to this, you must avoid drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages. Being hydrated with enough rest can surely keep your skin clear and free of eye puffiness. Try to avoid also smoky areas because this can irritate your eyes which can lead to puffiness too.

Instead of using Preparation H as this is very potent, why not try an eye cream specifically designed for baggy, puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles. Wyeth, the manufacturer of Preparation H, said that the product is particularly designed for shrinking hemorrhoid tissue and not for any other areas of the body.

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